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Below is a list of supplies you may need to create your formulations. Some of these links earn us a small commission, please don't feel obligated to buy through these - they are there mostly for convenience.


Tea Kettle - There are so many options out there, both on the stove or electric.

Tea Infusers - These pop right in your mug and make for an easy one cup tea. There are also tea balls where you fill the mesh ball with loose tea and pop it into a mug of hot water.

Tea Mugs with Infuser & Lid - These are my favorite... mug, infuser, and lid all in one. 

Mason Jars - Great for storing tea in after your blend it. 

Canning Funnel - Easily transfer your tea blends into your mason jars. 

Tinctures & Infused Oils

Mason Jars - These will be needed to macerate your herbs. These can also be used to infuse oils in.


Strainers - Set these on your glass bowl to help strain out your tinctures and oils. 

Nut Bags - I love these for straining out tinctures, it really helps to decrease larger plant material ending up in your final product. 

Cheesecloth - These are another option to use for straining your material out.

Glass Bowls - Great for straining your tinctures and oils into. I find a glass bowl with a spout works good for transferring into storage bottles.  


Amber Glass Bottles (16 oz) - Light blocking amber bottles to store your tinctures & oils in. 

Amber Glass Dropper Bottles ( 2oz) - Dropper bottles for your tinctures. 

Tincture Press - Not needed when you are just beginning, but definitely something you may want to invest in when you start pressing out larger amounts of tincture. 

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